Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

While most people are full of Happy New Year messages this time of the year, I get the added bonus of celebrating my anniversary today!  Five years ago today, my hubby and I tied the knot in a very impromptu ceremony (we planned it in less than 3 weeks).  We had an army of people behind us, helping to pull it all together and taking on pieces of the festivities.

See, every year for quite a few years running, my (then) fiance and I had been throwing New Year's Eve parties in the basement of our house on Avery Street.  We had a bar built in our basement that we called the "Avery Street Saloon" (or A.S.S. for short) and we had friends and family over to celebrate the new year with a few cocktails and games of Threes or L-R-C.  We had been living together for years, had bought the house together, were engaged, but had no real rush to get married officially.  We had both "been there, done that" before and things were great the way they were so why rush it?  This particular year (2005) we were about to welcome our first child into our family (in March) and it became increasingly important that we do so under "legit" circumstances.  So, with our annual New Year's Eve party just around the corner, we decided to turn the usual gathering into a NYE Part/Wedding.  So, that's what we did.  We sent out invites, made arrangements to "rent" the atrium at the Emergency Communications Department where Dave works, had friends volunteer to decorate the area, chose a friend to marry us who is an ordained minister, asked another friend to take photos for us and continued on with our plan to have friends and family over to celebrate the new year.  2006 was to be a good year and we were celebrating for lots of reasons!

So, today.  I say Happy Anniversary to my husband.  Marrying you and starting our family was the best thing we could have done.  We've had our fair share of challenges but I look at it as the work needed to keep things alive.  I love working with you towards our goals!


Heidi said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! I am not sure I have ever seen any of your wedding photos. I love the color of your dress it is beautiful!

Sherry said...

HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY!!! That's very exciting and I hope you guys get to celebrate it up today/tonight! :)