Friday, December 3, 2010

It was a good day...

Today was a good day.

Sure, it had it's fill of flaws...I got notification that a grant I submitted for one of my heartsongs (Family Resource Center) wasn't approved.  To a professional grant writer, that probably means funding was tight or timing and/or fit were off.  But to me, that means Pre-k kids at FRC won't be able to go on a field trip to the Strong Museum.  Something that most of us in Rochester can do every other Saturday without thinking, but for them is an experience of a lifetime.

Just as that threatens to bring me down:

--->I get a sweet email from a friend reminding me to appreciate my worth that perks my spirits.

--->My kids snuggle up with me on the couch to watch Rudolph and munch popcorn.

--->I'm able to video chat with the Ciravola family, which proves to be loud and chaotic, and absolutely warms my heart

--->I solidify plans with my person to continue our "family" tradition tomorrow and am beyond excited to see her.

--->the boys and I do a simple craft that goes smoothly and we all enjoy!

--->I read an email from my boss, thanking me for a job well done this week, despite hectic deadlines, frantic schedules, and a migraine that threatened to do me in.

--->A Christmas present I ordered for a friend arrives in the mail and seeing it in person is even better than my vision!

--->My hubby makes dinner for the boys and I before he heads off to work, and the boys actually eat a good dinner without argument.

--->A video is posted on Facebook that makes me happy, puts me in the holiday spirit, and reminds me of my Daddy.

--->The boys and I go out in the first snowfall of the season and I get to take pictures of them just being kids.

These are the things I will choose to hang on to today.  Not the bad news.  Or the failed attempt at helping those that deserve it and need it most.  I will focus, instead, on the silver linings in my gray cloud.  The glimpses of love, support, encouragement, and hope that have sustained me throughout the day.  I hope you, too, can find your silver lining.  Goodnight.

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Heidi said...

I so LOVED the video chat! You would think we were on opposite sides of the world, and not two families that see each other almost every week! The noise and chaos is par for the course with so many little ones in front of a camera that they can also see themselves in!