Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lord Help the Mister...

30 (!) years ago today, my sister was born.  I'm quite sure I didn't realize the gravity of her arrival at the time.  In my 4-year-old mind, I probably just wondered "what is this little screaming, crying thing that's disrupted my life?". 

But in the 30 years since she came into my world, she has grown into one of my best friends and I truly don't know what I'd do without her.

I am very lucky.  Though, honestly, I haven't always felt this way.  My sister and I haven't always gotten along.  When she was little and "hanging around", she drove me crazy.  I'd complain that she always had to be there, underfoot, getting into my stuff, my circle, my face.  She was always annoying me when my friends were over and I was trying to be cool.  We shared a room and she was always wearing my clothes, playing with my toys, dirtying my space.  We've gone through periods in life where I honestly just didn't GET her.  I couldn't understand where she was coming from, didn't get (or even fully support) the decisions she made.  She just made me batty.  She'd frustrate me to no end and sometimes it was just easier to brush it (her) under the rug than have to deal with the "drama" or try to make sense of it.

Then I graduated and moved out.  I'm certainly not saying that solved everything but it certainly did put things into perspective for me.  Suddenly I appreciated my sister as a person and a friend...not just a roommate and nuisance.  Absence truly did make the heart grow fonder. 

She still made some pretty questionable decisions (in my opinion) and would say some pretty bonehead things, but we could finally talk and spend time together without wanting to kill each other.  As time wore on, I found myself thinking of her first when I had news to share or gossip to spill.  When I was frustrated about something or needing support, my sister was just a phone call away.  I've really come to rely on her as my go-to person.  I know that no matter what she will not judge me.  She's always 100% honest, completely trustworthy, and I can tell her anything and know that she will love me and support me unconditionally. 

Three years ago we were lucky enough to go through (my second, her first) pregnancy together.  It was wonderful having her to share the morning sickness, the baby growing, the finding out the sex, the names, and all that fun stuff with my sister.  Having my niece born just three weeks before my son is a gift I hope they appreciate some day.  I love that they can grow up together and it allowed my sister and I a rare opportunity to bond through breast feeding struggles, 3AM feedings, spitting up, diaper blow outs, and "first" milestones.

As adults, we've gone on adventures (trip to Arizona, below) and have regular slumber parties and shopping excursions.  I love that I can just call her up and crash in on her at a moment's notice.  I bring the wine, she provides the lodging, and we put the kids to bed so we can play games and "duel Facebook" together.  I can't imagine going through life without her by my side.

My sister is truly a blessing in my life.  
I am proud to have her in my family and beyond lucky to call her "friend".
I love you, "lil'" sis!  

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Sherry said...

Awwww, how sweet!!! Great pictures of you two, by the way!! I can only imagine what it was like having a sister growing up (some good, some bad times apparently) as I only had a brother. I did have 2 step sisters but we didn't live together so that didn't count. Anyway, Happy Birthday to your sister and I'm so happy you two are really close!

Merry Christmas!