Sunday, December 5, 2010

Straight from the heart ♥

Generally speaking, I use a lot of big, strong words - words that carry a lot of drama, create a big impact, contain rich emotion, tell an elaborate story, or evoke an exaggerated response.

I tend to overemphasis and magnify many things to get my point across as a general rule of thumb.

I (quite literally) embellish things for a living.

But there's something I want to make perfectly clear.

There are certain words, certain emotions, certain expressions that are 110% GENUINE when I use them.

Words like:  love, inspire, admire, adore, cherish, treasure, respect.

I worry that I'm not taken seriously.  It would be easy to poo poo me as if to say, "Oh, there goes Shana, telling stories again!".

Yes, I am guilty of (over)sharing my emotions with many and am blessed to have more than a few absolutely amazing people in my immediate circle, but it is these feelings that I hope are understood.  I assure you - my friends, my family, my loved ones - these words are completely sincere, and honest, truthful, unaffected feelings.  I mean them each and every time I use them!  So if I tell you that you inspire me, or that I admire you, adore you, love you...I DO.  Of that, you can be 110% POSITIVE.

For friend is a word I hold in very high regard and I use it only when it absolutely applies!  Thank you for being my friends.  You know who you are!!!

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