Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's The Little Things...Serenity Now!

I have to admit, today has been one of those days when seeing the positive has been a bit of a struggle.  So for me to have to pin point "the little thing" that makes this journey of Motherhood worth it, is difficult, to say the least.  My children have been neither cute nor charming this week.  Alex is having some teething issues (I assume) that are making him CRANKY beyond belief.  Nathaniel's last day of school was today and he has been mouthy this week to the point of having his mouth washed out with soap!  His teacher even mentioned to Dave that Nathaniel had been using some "inappropriate language" - Yikes!  I'm not sure what that means, but (sadly!) I hope she "just" means he called someone a pig or told them they smelled like a goat.   Anyway, to celebrate It's The Little Things Thursdays with my friend Heidi over at Starts at Eight, I made a concerted effort to find something meaningful.

After a painfully long bedtime process tonight (which is usually SO easy!), I had had enough.  Nathaniel was doing everything in his power to procrastinate going to bed.  He pulled every trick in the book.  He couldn't find Bolt.  Then he couldn't find Boo Bankie.  He needed new "bedtime water" because the stuff he had "was from Yes-Tur-day!"  He needed to find his pike pole in case there was a fire he had to rush off to in the middle of the night.  He couldn't possibly fall asleep without knowing what his McDonald's Happy Meal toy's name was.  You name it!  So after two-hours of back and forth, I finally went in to find this:

He had fallen asleep "camping style" on the floor, in a make-shift sleeping bag, with his lantern left on and surrounded by fire trucks, but he was FINALLY asleep!  That is the point in the day when I can look at my precious children, admire them in all their peace and glory, and finally breathe and relax.   Ahhh....

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Sherry said...

I can relate to this post (the bedtime part anyway), and I's such a relief once they are fast asleep. You kinda even forget about the long battle it took just to GET them there. I hope things turn around fast for ya! :)