Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's the Little Things...Community

In this (often) difficult journey of Motherhood, I have learned that the strength and support of a wider community of people known as friends (and fellow Moms!) is INSTRUMENTAL to my success.  Without the consistent love, feedback, and experience I get from these fabulous women, I would definitely be struggling to keep my head above water!

It is here that I have found this week's "Little Thing" to celebrate It's The Little Things Thursdays with my friend Heidi over at Starts at Eight.  Heidi and I went to high school together but I think it's fair to say we didn't really play in the same social circles.  I knew her in high school, but I can't say I really knew her.  It wasn't until some 15 years later when a silly Yahoo group intended on keeping usable stuff out of landfills forced our paths to cross.  I am so thankful it did!  In the past year she has grown to be one of my most valuable resources and strongest supporters.  I didn't realize quite how much until yesterday.

Every week Heidi and I have a scheduled "Walk 'N Talk" where we meet at the mall (with my kids in tow) and walk (and talk, get it?). We have a circuit worked out and we hoof it, as often as possible (depending on the cooperation of my 4-year-old, usually)!  Not only is it a great excuse to get some (much needed!) exercise into my week, but it gives me an opportunity to get the kids out of the house (which they love!), and provides me with some "girl talk" to bounce things off someone of like mind, similar values, and with 100 times more experience in mothering than I have.

 Walk 'N Talk Buddy, Heidi, geared up for our weekly hike with the boys!

Until yesterday, vacations, schedules, and prior commitments had derailed our weekly plans for over a month and let me tell you, it was noticed.  I didn't realize how valuable these weekly Walk 'N Talks were until we finally got back on schedule yesterday.  Yesterday I was having a crappy afternoon.  The kids were overtired and whiny and mouthy.  I had a headache and had just gotten some less than desireable news from our Realtor about a house we were interested in.  If it weren't for the fact that it had already been so long, I might have cancelled, put the boys to bed early, and drowned my sorrows in a glass of wine or an evening on Facebook.  But I wanted to get back on schedule and I am SO glad to have had the opportunity.

After just two hours of girl time with Heidi, I went home re-energized and feeling positive.  It was refreshing and much appreciated!  We don't talk about much of great importance, just concerns of the moment, frustrations of the week, or plans for the near future.  But that time to decompress and share thoughts with a good friend is of utmost importance!  I have grown to count on these outings as a basic requirement for my mental health!  Thank you, Heidi, for being an integral member of my community!  I am blessed to have you "on my side" along this journey!

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Heidi said...

You don't even know how much you have just mirrored my sentiments! I thought about canceling as well, due to my "sore mouth". I had been exhausted and miserable all day. When I drove away from the mall last night I thought about how glad I was to have the time with you! I came home in a great mood and was feeling a little better about having not thought about my mouth for a couple of hours!
I am so grateful ours lives brought us together. You have been a true constant in my life this past year and I look forward to MANY more years just like it!