Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook...May 25, 2010

FOR TODAY...May 25, 2010

Outside my window...SUNSHINE!  It's a hot one today, but the sun is SO nice to see!

I am thinking...about the fun I will have with my sister this afternoon!  She's bringing my niece over to play in our backyard with the boys! 

I am thankful for...my sister - she's the best!  I am beyond lucky to have her in my life!

From the kitchen...nothing.  It's much too hot to be cooking or staying indoors today!

I am wearing...work clothes.  I'd prefer to say "capris, a tank top, and flip flops" but alas, that is not possible.

I am remembering...to put a load of laundry I started yesterday in the dryer before I have to rewash it.

I am going...to have a drink with my sister after work today.  Hopefully the kids will play nicely by themselves so we can sit and talk.

I am hoping...to hear something soon about the offer we put in on the house in Holley.  A bump notice had to be issued and they have 3 days to release the contingency or sell their house.  So nothing will be final until Friday.  Then the stress and planning begins. 

I am hearing...my fan.  No A/C here at work and this fan is barely touching the steaminess.

Pondering these words..."Don't ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."   --Howard Thurman

Around the house...packing needs to begin.  I have big plans to purge and downsize but am lacking the motivation and time to do it. 

On my mind...moving, packing, crazy summer schedules, new routines, impending change.

Noticing that...I don't handle stress well.  I either get an eye twitch, break out in hives, or get sick when I'm really stressed out. 

One of my favorite things...my backyard.  On nights like tonight I look forward to being able to hang out outside while the boys play (in fenced in safety) and give them the fresh air that helps them sleep well at night.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Nathaniel has his first official dentist appointment tomorrow.  He's been before but not for an actual cleaning...this should be interesting!  Walk 'N Talk with Heidi.  Lunch plans with Nancy.  Melon Bean with Tiffany.  Long weekend with the family!!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...my Baby went from this yesterday (minus the dirt)

to this today:

Boo hoo.  I expected it with Nate since his hair is so curly and thick and he really needed a haircut.  But I specifically told Dave to leave Alex alone.  I have yet to see it in person.  Boo.  Tis the season of Bald Babies, I guess.  :(

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Vicki said...

Bald or not, he's a cutie!!