Sunday, May 9, 2010


With Mother's Day upon us, I thought I would write briefly about Moms. Of course, I want to talk specifically about MY mom (who is the most fabulous Mother there is, of course) but I am also eternally grateful for the many amazing women I am blessed to have in my life who are traveling this road of Motherhood with me.  Together we are learning and growing.  These fantastic women are showing me how to be the best Mom I can be and supporting me on my journey towards that goal.  Thank you all!

My mother is probably the strongest person I know. She is my strength, my inspiration, my teacher, my mentor, and my friend. She is a woman who can nurse a wound with a sweet song, a gentle kiss, and the most tender touch and then in the next breath turn around and chop firewood and re roof the house right alongside my father. There isn't anything she can't do and has proven that time and time again with grace and spirit. She taught me how to dream big, care for others, and "accomplish" the things I set my mind to!

When I was little I suffered from severe eczema that left me unable to wear shoes or walk for days at a time. I would go to bed at night with an ice pack on my feet to quell the burn and itch just long enough to fall asleep. I was miserable and my mother knew that. One night she came home from work and told me the story of a little girl who was very ill. She was in the hospital and wasn't doing well. At night my mother would give me updates on how this little girl was doing and we'd pray for her. Suddenly, I didn't worry about my problems, whine about my issues, or feel bad about the difficulties I faced. This little girl had it worse than I did and she needed prayers and love and support. I sent her pictures I drew, wrote little letters, anything to show I was thinking of her. Through this little girl, my Mom taught me a lesson about perspective, empathy, and love that I will never forget.

Many years later as I was about to embark on a new chapter of life (college), I went into my parent's bedroom very late one night and told my mother I couldn't sleep. I had been up worrying about this new path, scared of leaving home to be on my own, terrified that I couldn't do it. My Mom let me crawl into bed with her (at 18!) and as I cried she held me and told me her job had been to give me wings and now it was time for me to fly. I looked at her through tears and said "but what if I can't fly?". Sadly I don't remember what her response was but I know she set my mind at ease. I moved out and while I haven't "looked back", per mother has been there to support me and encourage me every one of those last 15+years...

Mom, you are a true inspiration and I want to thank you for showing me how to be the best I can be!  

Your determination, kindness, and giving spirit 
are just a sample of the MANY things I respect and adore about you!  

I love you, Mom!  

Thank you for giving me my wings AND teaching me how to fly!

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