Sunday, May 2, 2010

Black, Gray, Navy, Brown

There is a reason why the wardrobes of both my children mysteriously and very obviously shifted from sweet pastel colors and soft shades of green, blue and ivory to primarily navy, red, black, gray, and brown.  I'm not's an obvious change that occurred somewhere around 6-9 months.  About the time my children started ingesting foods that invariably stained as often as they came back up.  And the age at which they started moving freely about my less than spotless home.  I refuse to purchase clothing for my children that is a light shade or color without first coming to terms with the fact that it will be ruined and rendered useless within no more than 5 minutes of its first wearing.

Here's a few examples of why it's best to keep them in dark colors at all times.

My boys are filthy creatures (Alex specifically!) so I like to keep them dressed 
in clothes that will stain infrequently and wash with ease.  
Call me crazy but it's a lot easier than just trying to keep them clean all the time.  
And a lot more fun!  

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Pam said...

Summer is hard!! I see Alex is wearing fleece, which is some kind of amazing uber-fabric that seems to come clean no matter what the staining compound. But, summer clothes...plain cotton and lightweight synthetics that just don't scrub clean no matter the effort or treatment method. The beauty of summer though is every Mama's answer to easy cleanup...nakedness!! Pure and simple nudity...the joyous season of bare feet and bare butts (although I realized yesterday that the neighbors might not love it quite so much...I had to put some undies on Shawn to keep it decent...but still!)