Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's The Little Things...Brotherly Love

My good friend, Heidi, has issued a weekly challenge called "It's The Little Things Thursday" over on her blog, Starts at her words, "we are celebrating the Little Things that make this crazy journey called Motherhood all worth it in the end"!  These are the small moments that pass us by too quickly and are often fleeting.  I hope to capture some of those memories and focus on them for just a moment!

Today's Little Thing is about my boys.  My two boys fight constantly.  They are 2 1/2 years apart in age and The little one is an curious instigator, and the older one is a brute who doesn't like to share. I never realized that the sibling rivalry and the constant bickering and screaming and fighting would start so early.  Yet, just about the time when I think I'll have to separate them for good, I catch a moment of peace between them.  Some shining example of the love the two really do share!  Usually when no one is looking (or at least when they think no one is looking)! 
Walking through the mall recently I looked down to catch a glimpse of Nathaniel leaning forward to hug his baby brother in the stroller.While driving down the street I've looked in the rear view mirror and seen the two boys holding hands in the backseat across their car seats.  Or Alex will reach his hand out and giggle when Nate tickles him back.  In between the screaming and fighting over toys or space on the couch or whose cup is whose, Nathaniel will translate for Alex when Daddy and I just can't seem to make out what he's saying.  "He wants his blanket", Nate will say.  Or "A-yex, I'll find your sippy cup". 
I love when the brotherly love comes out and their yelling turns into squeals of joy and laughter.  When fighting becomes playful wrestling.  When Nathaniel's annoyance of his baby brother turns into a moment of teaching between the two of them, or peaceful playing side by side.  It brings me great joy to see the two of them sitting quietly side by side on their Lighting McQueen couch peacefully watching Yo Gabba Gabba together.  These moments make all the loud chaos and refereeing more than worth it!

Please join us in celebrating the “Little Things”!  Go visit Starts at Eight and add your link to the Mr. Linky (and then leave a comment!).

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Heidi said...

Shana, I LOVE this! I too find that many of my shinning moments are whe the kids are NOT fighting! Thanks for sharing, hopefully others will. Catch on!