Friday, April 16, 2010


One year ago today I plunged (head first!) into the world of blogging.  I wasn't sure how to start, what to "talk" about, or even why I wanted to do this, but after a year of sharing my stories, my thoughts, and my life in this blogosphere, I am so glad I took that leap and really glad you all have joined me.  I've recently taken pause with worries of the internet's safety.  My technological ineptness is painfully obvious as I tackle how to proceed.  However, I have found a vehicle through which to share a piece of me and leave a mark.  I've been able to chronicle my journey and tell stories about my family, my past, even my day-to-day goings on that will be a journal to look back on long after I have forgotten.  I had big plans to do a remembrance post of some sort, highlight some of my favorite posts or moments from the last year.  But instead I'll just say thank you.  Thank you for coming by and reading and not judging as I share my thoughts in this unconventional manner.  I'm so glad you came!

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Shana said...

Youa re very welcome. I love your blog and can't wait to read more.