Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's The Little Things...a snail's pace

My good friend, Heidi, has issued a new challenge called "It's The Little Things Thursday" over on her blog, Starts at Eight...I love this idea because our world is too crazy and hectic and life has a way of carrying on without us if we don't take the time to slow down.  This is a great opportunity to stop and focus some (much needed!) attention on the little things that make a difference.  Too often these little things get brushed off, forgotten, or pushed aside for the bigger more demanding things in life.  So join with me as I take a little time each Thursday to highlight some little things that make a BIG difference!

Today is a rainy, dismal day here in Rochester.  After a week or more of gorgeous, unseasonably warm, sunny days, it's day two of this gray miserableness and I'm feeling it.  As I was trudging into work this morning after a short night of sleep, I saw this:

You're probably wondering why I would choose this as my little thing but watching this little guy make his way across the parking lot at a snail's pace (literally!) made me see the bigger picture.  We all have our journey to make.  For this little snail, his journey just to get across the parking lot was way more difficult (and would probably take a lot longer) than my measly day at work.  Yet, undeterred, he pressed on.  He was a welcome reminder about the world at large.  I guess I can't explain it very well, but seeing him lifted my spirits.  I hope to garner some of this little guy's motivation, determination, and spunk.  Despite how gray my day started, I will trudge along, just like my new friend, Spike.  (Is it weird that I just named him?  Never mind, don't answer that!)

For more revelations about the little things that keep us going and make this journey worth it, stop over and pay Heidi a visit.  Link up to her blog and take some inspiration and feel good spirit with you when you leave!

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Heidi said...

Thanks for the support Shana! I love the picture of the snail! His journey will definitely be longer than yours today, and probably more lonely as you have so many great friends and family to journey with you!