Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dry spell

Blame it on the mentally exhausting weekend I've had dealing with my 4-year-old who seems to have turned into a snotty 7-year-old overnight.

It's also quite possible that spending the last 48-72 hours outdoors getting fresh air in this beautiful weather has wiped me out.

The fact that Nathaniel had me up for over three hours in the middle of the night and was STILL up before 7 AM definitely has me pooped for sure!

Or maybe it was the busy day we had celebrating Easter all day long that has my brain on quit mode.

And even more possible, perhaps the three four glasses of wine I had with my Mom at dinner have done me in.

Whatever the excuse, I have nothing remarkable to say tonight.  I did take a TON of fantastic pictures of the boys this weekend however and promise to share those very soon...There really are some cute ones (and LOTS of them!)

Either way, I promised myself I would get to bed early (for me) tonight so I am keeping that promise and making excuses for (another) lame post.  I promise to make up for it!  I hope everyone had a happy Easter with your families!

So, until later...I'm going to go do some of this : tomorrow I have no excuse for being brain dead!

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