Friday, September 28, 2012

Evil Knievel, Jr.

As you may remember, last year (for Alex's 3rd birthday), we bought him his very own Power Wheel ATV.  He started out a little slow at first, but since his birthday one short year ago. he's been a riding, zooming, exploring fool.  

He's practically ridden a path across the majority of our 5 acres riding that thing around as often as he's allowed.

Well, with all that practice he's definitely become quite, er, comfortable on his ATV.

And by comfortable, I, of course, mean adventurous.

A smidge wild, perhaps.

Maybe more accurately, CRAZY.

Ok, so there's been talk of him joining the circus.

You be one of those daredevils that ride their motorcycles around a tiny metal cage within mere inches of 6 other motorcyclists going 60+ mph.  

Yep, that's our Alex.  Crazy boy.  Our wild child.  Our daredevil.

Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure he's a descendant of Evil Knieval's.  

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