Monday, September 24, 2012

Nearly Four

Alex's birthday is rounding the corner.

Quickly, he is closing in on FOUR.  I can hardly believe it!

Yesterday we celebrated his birthday together with my nephew, Ian (who turned 2 last Friday).  It was a small gathering but I rather enjoyed it.  MUCH less stress than the larger scale get-togethers.  Of course, I'd love to be able to host ALL my friends and both sides of the family but it just gets to be too much.  This year, Dave had to work so I knew I'd be going it alone.  So, instead, I opted to go in with my sister-in-law and make it a joint party with my nephew since we generally have the same crowd at both celebrations, one week apart.  

Since both boys love WHEELS and all things WITH wheels, we went with a tractor theme.  

Some of our most favorite people were there!

Alex was spoiled with goodies (a soccer ball/net, basketball, football, art/craft stuff, and a "Cuddle Cuddleuppet", among other fabulous treasures)! 

It's nice that (most of) the kids are finally to an age where they can play together, roam free, and the adults have a minute to talk between the noise.  

In attendance were my sister and my nieces, my sister-in-law and my nephew (obviously!), my parents, and my two best friends, Pam & Tiff and their kiddos.  Together we have a 1-year-old (my niece, Coraleigh will be one in a couple weeks anyway), a 2-year-old (my nephew, Ian), a 3-year-old (Pam's Brianna), two 4-year-olds (my Alex - on Thursday, anyway - and my niece, Kensington), a 5-year-old (Pam's Shawn), and two 6-year-olds (my Nate and Tiff's Brielle).  It makes for crazy chaos but I love every minute of it.  Such fun!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Alex & Ian!
Happy birthday to you!

Make a wish!


Aunt Wendy made the delicious cupcakes and even made gluten-free vanilla ones for Alex!

It was a great celebration of two special boys.  I can't wait to celebrate my Boo's actual birthday on Thursday!  Here's to Birthday Week 2012!  :)

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