Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another First...Gymnastics!

I found a gymnastics program through SUNY Brockport for 3 & 4-year-olds.  I was so excited to have found it, I emailed the college on Friday and asked if it was too late to sign Alex up for the class that started that following Monday.  

I'm so glad I didn't wait until the Winter session (January) because Alex loves it!

It's so good for Alex to have something of his own.  Nate had a hard time coming to terms with the realization that he couldn't participate, but he's much better at just watching now.  He brings his homework and something to play with or do (that he earns once his homework is done) and hangs while his brother plays.

Alex listens very well and follows the instructor's instructions better than a lot of the kids in his class!

And I love that he has an outlet to burn off some energy after school!

He's a natural at a lot of things - balance beam, monkey (parallel) bars, and flipping and jumping.  

The "worst" part is that the big kids practice in the gym at the same time as he does and Alex gets mesmerized watching them flip and twirl and back flip.  He could sit and watch the girls on the uneven bars for HOURS!  

Alex watching the girl on the bars above...not paying attention in class :)

Each class is an hour long and after warm ups they break the group into three smaller groups and they rotate around (each group with two instructor girls) to different stations. 

Alex's favorite part by far is the foam pit!  But who can blame him?!?!  Look at this awesome thing!

For about 20 minutes each day he gets to jump in the pit, throw the foam squares around, and flip till his heart's content.

This week he started learning cart wheels, walking backwards on the balance beams and doing somersaults on (a pad on) the balance beam.

My little monkey is in his glory!  I'm sad that it's only a 10-week course but it's a start and there's other classes to explore after this.  2024 Olympics, here Alex comes

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Now THAT looks like a blast!!!!