Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Snapshot in Time

Dear Alex,

Today is your 4th birthday.  I can hardly believe the amazing little man you have blossomed into in 4 short years.  You started pre-kindergarten a few weeks ago and today you will get on the bus to go to school for the very first time!  Your excitement to ride the bus with your big brother is infectious!

Time goes way too fast, of course, so I want to make sure to capture all the little things about you that change and disappear so quickly!

I love the little "flaws" in your speech.  You speak very clearly and maturely for your age, but it's the little things like how you say your "l" as a "y" (for example, the other day we were walking up the stairs behind Nate and you yelled, "Move it or USE it, Nate!") that I love!!  It's especially adorable to hear you say "upsy-side down" or how you call McDonald's "Old McDonald's".

You are truly my "shadow" little "velcro-boy".  It gets frustrating when I have stuff to get done or I'm trying to get out of the house to go to work, but truth be told, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Bedtime is still a struggle in that you have to be attached to me in order to settle down and go to sleep.  The snuggle time is priceless though!  When I'm heading out the door in the morning, you request hug after hug after hug and will follow me out the door yelling "I love you, Mommy!",  "Have a good day!", "Watch out for wart hogs!"...all while blowing me a hundred kisses and telling me how much you'll miss me.  Truly heart melting.

I love how you tell me "I love you, Mommy...and I never, NEVER hate you!" at least once a day.

You love to build things, create things, and take things apart.  You brought me a toy the other day that had been broken for as long as I can remember.  At some point it had lost a screw and you had found one (somewhere!) and used the screwdriver you got in your toolbox at Christmas to fix it.  Daddy came in one day to find you taking the door latch off your bedroom door.

On one hand you are very independent, wanting to get your own breakfast, help out with dinner or fold your own laundry.  On the other hand you know just where to "play me" and will insist you need help getting dressed, putting on your shoes, or brushing your teeth.

You truly are my sunshine.  You are insanely adorable, charming, and a bit manipulative.  You know exactly how to get your way and how to use your charms for good (AND evil!)  :)

You LOVE to get dirty.  You are always playing ball, digging in dirt, or getting wet any way you can.

You still pick fuzz from your blanket when you're tired.  
You are so funny, silly and goofy and have such a fun-loving, crazy, fearless, monkey side. 


For a kid your age, you are very patriotic.  You are often overheard singing the Star Spangled Banner.  You can recite the Pledge of Allegiance in your sleep.  And one of your favorite lullabies at bedtime is God Bless the USA, which you know all the words to.

You are a special little boy, Boo.  I love your spirit and the sheer joy you radiate!  I know we've had our fair share of power struggles this past third year of your life.  I look forward to your 4th year to see how you grow, learn, and (*gulp) change even more.  Remember that you will ALWAYS be my little boy.  Your snuggles will never get old, your smile will never fail to make me warm inside and out, and you'll always be my favorite Alex!  I love you to the ends of the earth!

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Sherry said...

Happy 4th Birthday Alex!!! He is insanely handsome and sounds like a future army hero. :)