Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday....A History of Alex

To bring Alex's birthday week 2011 to a close, I thought it only fair to do a photographic flashback summary of some highlights from his last three years...These are in no particular order.  I just picked a random sampling of photos from the past.  Enjoy!

 Meeting big brother

♥ My fuzzy haired boy ♥


Alex with his beloved "fway"

He had this strange infatuation with Aunt Wendy's fuzzy socks!

Dirty Boy

1st Birthday

At his baptism with Godparents, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Noah and Aunt Tiffany

And somehow, in three short years, the little spud above grew into this handsome little boy.  
How does that happen!?!?

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Sherry said...

His smile just melts my heart. It's so contagious. My absolute favorite picture is the one of him laying on his back on the grass, did you take that one? If so, it's awesome! :)