Monday, September 12, 2011

Another First - Pre-School!

It's hard to believe but my baby started pre-school today.  Two weeks shy of his 3rd birthday, he started in a 3/4 yo program offered three days a week through a local church.  He could not have been more excited!

I was a little nervous about dropping him off with Daddy.  He has a bit of a Mommy complex so my leaving threatened to be more dangerous than if Daddy had simply dropped him off.  However, I couldn't even consider missing his first day.  

So, I risked it.  

And he did better than I could have hoped!  He was so happy to be there with his new teacher and new friends (all girls!) and kissed me goodbye with a "Goodbye, Honey!" and carried on about his business.  

I was so happy to get a call from him after he got home with Daddy for lunch and hear all about his coloring with markers, feeding the bunny, and remembering to bring his (red!) car home from show and tell.

I can't believe how quickly my littlest man is growing up.  But he finally got to go to a school all his own instead of just standing at the door with his backpack on crying as Nate went off to UPK last year!  And he couldn't be happier about it!

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Sherry said...

Yeaaaa Alex! What a mature little man, you've got to be proud! :) My oldest started a 2 day/wk pre-school just last week so I'm right there with ya.