Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook...October 19, 2010

FOR TODAY...October 19, 2010
Outside my window...darkness.  I'm getting to this a little later than usual so it's well past sunset.

I am thinking...that the hotdogs we ate for dinner were a bad idea.  They're haunting me right now so I'm feeling guilty about even eating them.  It's payback. 

I am thankful for...the health of my children.  After Alex's 2-year-check up he got blood work taken and his lead levels came back normal.  It turns out he's anemic and needs iron supplements to boost his levels up but that's minor compared to a lot of things.  We'll pump him up on Iron and get his blood taken again in January to see how he's faring.  He seems to have kicked his ear infection after all and Nate hasn't come down with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease since notice of his "exposure" at school came home last week.  So far, so good!!

From the kitchen...I had big plans to do Halloween cut out cookies with the boys tonight but we didn't get to them.  Instead the boys got ridiculously filthy outside with Daddy and the tractor.  Maybe next week?

I am wearing...my big fluffy robe and comfy jammies.  I've been so chilled at night so the big blankets have come out.  There's nothing better than cuddling up under a big fuzzy blanket on a cool Fall night!
I am remembering...a long list of must haves and to dos for tomorrow.  Let's hope it's a clear thinking, productive day!

I am creating...a plan for a play space in the basement.  I'd like to set something up downstairs so the boys can play while I craft down there and there's plenty of space to utilize.  This winter, when we're cooped up inside all the time, we'll appreciate the extra space for them to romp.

I am going...to go check on the boys and call it a night here shortly.  I had a rough night with Alex last night - up frequently, sleeping restlessly, needing me a lot.  So I hope to get some sleep caught up on tonight.

I am hoping...to find a train table and trains for Alex for Christmas.  We spent 12 hours at Heidi's house over the weekend while Joey did my computer overhaul and Alex was mesmorized by their train table/set.  He spent HOURS just setting up the tracks and driving the trains around.  He even turned down food to "pay fains" (play trains) - that's big for him!

I am hearing...a biography on Colonel Sanders' life on the television.  Of course Dave turned the TV on and then fell asleep, so by midnight I should be thoroughly sucked into a rerun episode of Scrubs while he snores away next to me, oblivious to the torture he's created.  Thanks, honey. 
Pondering these words..."There's no such thing as bad weather, just different kinds of good weather" and "a body will rust out faster than it wears out" - Colonel Harland Sanders of KFC fame.  He was a very optimistic and cheery old country boy.

Around the house...laundry has taken over.  I seem to be able to keep up on washing and drying it, but the folding, sorting, and putting away part has won.  I have a whole room devoted to my laundry piles right now. 
On my mind...not much, actually.  It's been a busy week already and stands to be a busy weekend so there's lots running through my mind, but nothing of profound nature that can easily be shared here.
Noticing that...these questions have gotten hard the last couple weeks.  I'm dry.  Lacking anything clever or inspirational to write.  Perhaps I should take a break from SWD until I have something of substance to say.

One of my favorite things...I love the "quiet time" I've recently established just before bedtime with the boys.  he lights and TV go off and Nate, Alex and I will snuggle up on the couch after teeth are brushed and settle down.  Alex usually requests that I sing songs and Nate will tell stories or ask that I tell them one.  It's fantastical.  The stories that he comes up with are awesome.  I love his imagination!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Photoshop class, a much overdo visit with my sister, Zoo Boo with Tiffany & Brie, Stokoe Farms for pumpkin picking fun, and hopefully a visit to my mother.  It's been forever since I've seen her. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Nate 2010 Pre-K
Nate had his first school photos taken...I was very pleased with how they came out.  They managed to get a "real" smile out of him so I am happy!!  He looks so grown up and handsome!  *sniff*  My Bug is growing up!

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Matt said...

That picture of Nate makes him look like a future Fortune 500 CEO. Rivaled only by the pics his Mom takes of him!

Seasons of Life said...

Hello Shana...visiting from the Simple Woman's Daybook. Cute blog. I know what you mean about running "dry" with what to write. There is usually MUCH on my mind but not things that I always want to post. =)

Enjoy preparing your basement play space...what a fun project that should be.

Blessings ~