Thursday, October 21, 2010

Operation NICE

I don't generally double post but I stumbled upon this just now and am so enamored with the concept that I am sharing...It's a website called Operation NICE and it encourages us to be proactively nice to people every day.  I think it's a little sad that as a society we need an OPERATION to encourage behavior that I believe should just be natural and automatic, but for most people it's not so I'll support whatever works. I am a firm believer of treating people the way  you want to be treated so I hope I do this a little in my every day life already, but we all need reminders and this is a perfect one! 

So do me a favor and stop over to the Operation NICE website, check it out, participate in a challenge, find some inspiration, and then pay it forward.  Do something NICE for someone you know, someone you just met, or a complete stranger.  It might just make their day and who knows...maybe you'll feel a little happier having been nice today.  Either way, the world just may be one step closer to being a more pleasant place to be.

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