Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Friday Thoughts

I've been struggling to come up with anything profound to share here lately.  I tend to meander through life constantly telling stories in my head, making up stories for things I see throughout the day, and yet I have been unable to concoct anything worthy of sharing.  My thoughts and ideas and stories are there, I just have not been able to process them and spit them out in a form that makes any sense.  So, tonight I decided to just sit down and write.  Write whatever comes to mind, whatever I'm thinking at the time, in some desperate effort to unclog the dam that is blocking up my head.

I'm sitting here, in a dark, quiet living room listening to the chilly Autumn wind whistling outside.  Even the weight of my fuzzy robe isn't keeping me warm against that bitter breeze.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say there must be a winter blizzard blowing out there.  Thank goodness it's only Fall, though.  In the quiet darkness of this room, I also hear the opposing warmth of my 4-year-old breathing heavily while he snoozes, "camping out" in my sleeping bag on the living room floor.  I like impromptu nights like tonight.  Nate doesn't have school tomorrow so I feel a little less stressed about him getting to bed on time and getting his "Zzzz's" so I told him we could have a camp out in the living room tonight, complete with sleeping bags, hot cocoa, stories around the "campfire" (flashlight) and a later than average bedtime.  I had to finally tell him to stop talking, er, rambling in order for him to fall asleep, but the peace in the house right now is beautiful.

I'm glad it's Friday.  We had a "team assessment" day at work today that I won't mention too much about here, but to say that I was happy with how it went.  I was in high anxiety alert about it last night, not knowing what to expect or what would come of it, but it turned out to be what I believe was "a healthy and productive dialogue".  *breathe sigh of relief here*

This weekend is full of fun stuff on the calendar.  Tomorrow I'll be taking the boys to Darien Lake for their festive Fright Fest celebration.  Nate gets to wear his firefighter costume (since his Army guy uniform isn't quite finished being sown by Grandma) and Alex will make the cutest spider you ever did see.

Sunday I have plans to take the boys over to Heidi's where her computer genius husband will be administering a complete overhaulin' of my current photo storage habits issues.  I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about this.  Oh, the possibilities!  To think in a few short days I could possibly have all of my precious photos a.) in one place!!! b.) safely backed up, and c.) residing off-site to prevent total loss should some unforeseeable tragedy strike.  It makes me giddy with excitement!  I'm not sure Joey knows quite what he's gotten himself into, but I am forever grateful to him for agreeing to take this challenge on!!  I will be transporting my laptop, two computer towers, two external hard drives, various computer components, disks, software, etc. bright and early on Sunday morning and hoping that this process is quick (!) and painless for all involved (especially Joey!).  Thanks again, Ciravolas for all the wonderful things you are to/do for my family!!!

And now I'm tired.  So, with that, I will bid you adieu and hope tomorrow brings a clear head and fresh thinking.  Perhaps I'll have something more meaningful to share then...Thanks for listening!!

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Heidi said...

Don't you wish the process would be quick! ;) We are looking forward to having you all over. The kids are always happy to have extra playmates and they LOVE the boys! Plus you are expected to be the proud carrier of Kelly's Doughnuts which give you an automatic in with my babies!