Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm beyond frustrated lately.  My mind works 23 1/2 hours a day, running full speed ahead.  Random thoughts churn about, sometimes forming coherent ideas, other times bouncing from side to side making little sense at all.  The 45 minute commute to/from work has been good thinking time for me.  The day unfolds before me as I plan, dream, or unwind.  I often "write" stories in my head.  Opening sentences form and blog titles create themselves in my mind's eye.  Disjointed thoughts and ideas start to weave into profound statements.

Then I get home.

Hours later, I sit in front of the computer as peace settles into my home...and I have nothing.

I'm blank.  No profound explanations, no stories of grandeur.  I can't even remember general concepts about what made perfect sense to me just hours before.  My brain is fried.  My energy is sapped.  And just as I finally have a moment to express myself, to do what fills me up and makes me feel good, I've realized it's all been given away.  My rationing is weak and I have nothing left at this hour.

And so I shall call it a day.

Goodnight dear friends.

Until tomorrow brings fresh ideas and clear thinking...

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