Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's The Little Things...Family

Tonight's "little thing" to celebrate this journey of motherhood extends to an oft unmentioned member of our family.  But it's important to mention.  We got a visit tonight from my oldest stepson, Adam.  He stopped by after work and hung out with us while Dave barbecued some dinner and the boys played outside.

I know this doesn't sound like much, but it's huge.  Nathaniel and Alex simply adore their big brother(s) and we've gone through periods in the past where Adam and Nick were more like strangers than brothers to them.  Now, at a time (especially to Nate) when their big brothers are so very much their heros, I think it's very important to have this bond.   I love the relationship that they are able to build during these times.  At 26, I know Adam has "better" things to be doing than hanging around with his family.  But seeing the joy on my little ones' faces when they can share the important things in their life with their big brother warms my heart.  I am very thankful for these evenings.

Overall it was a very nice visit - one that I hope we can re-do again very soon.  Adam has grown up to be a wonderful young man and his father and I are very proud of him!  I look forward to his being a positive role model to his baby brothers!

If you stop long enough to focus on the little things in life, it truly does make all the other stuff totally worth it!  Stop over at Starts at Eight to share your "little things"!

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Shana said...

That is so nice for all of you.