Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook...October 12, 2010

FOR TODAY...October 12, 2010

Outside my window...the sun is shining brightly!!  It's a beautiful Fall day!

I am thinking...about some opportunities that have presented themselves recently.  So many factors to consider, so appealing. 

I am thankful for...my friends and family.  They keep me sane, busy, and are always there when I need them for everything from sleep advice for my 2-year-old, to commiseration about my weight loss struggles, and/or a sounding board for my venting needs.

From the kitchen...pizza.  I'm on dinner break today and Dave's been busy with several outdoor projects this week so he's staging a sit-in and has opted for pizza.  I am definitely ok with that. 

I am remembering...to pick up Alex's antibiotic refill at Wegman's tonight on my way home.  It's not my usual route so I'll have to make a concerted effort not to forget to come home that way.

I am creating...a business plan.  More on that to come. 

I am going...to be busy at work the rest of the week so I should get ahead while I can. 

I am hoping...that Alex's 2-year check up goes well tomorrow.  There's some concern about how little he is and we've been struggling with sleep issues for a while now so I'd like to get some answers.  I also hope his ear infection is gone since he'll have been on his antibiotic for a week by tomorrow.

I am hearing...noise.  I've become very intolerant and sensitive to noise.  Particularly lots of conflicting noise.  I find it impossible to concentrate, think, even function at times if there's too much chaos going on around me.

Around the house...Dave has been busy.  He's been cleaning out the garage and rearranging things into the basement so I can work from there this winter to settle/organize.

On my mind...Alex's sleeping troubles.  He's been giving us such a hard time going to bed for months now.  I feel like I've tried everything and nothing works unless he's physically touching me.  I'm at a total loss.  He used to be the kid you could lay down, walk away from and he'd sleep 12 straight hours without a peep.  Now getting him to sleep is one thing, keeping him asleep isn't usually a problem, but he gets up so early and is obviously tired because he's cranky.

Noticing that...I tend to answer these questions the same from week to week.  I should spice it up a little.  Come up with something different.  Ask myself new/different questions, perhaps?

One of my favorite things...my fluffy robe, comfy pants, soft blanket and warm socks.  That's the best part about the evenings getting colder.  I love cuddling up!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  2-year check up for Alex, Zoo Boo and/or Fright Fest, computer overhaulin' (!), Photoshop class.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Nate at the Farmington FD Open House this past weekend.  This boy, Ryan, was a wealth of information.  He gave Nate a personal tour of the Forestry truck and was quite the little mentor to my little firefighter-to-be.

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