Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook...September 28, 2010

FOR TODAY...September 28, 2010

Outside my window...rain.  Icky, yucky, miserable rain and the dark clouds that go with it.

I am thinking...about what the boys should be/want to be for Halloween.  Our festivities start up in a couple of weeks so I want to be prepared.  I think Alex should be a spider, hands down.  He's such a little climber and he did monkey last year!  Nate wants to be a "pirate firefighter Army guy" so I'm not sure about that one...my vote is Army guy since he's been a pirate the last two years and he's a firefighter every other day of the year!  We'll see if I can talk him into that!

I am thankful for...my many friends and supportive family!  I am truly blessed to have such great people in my life!  With a group like these people holding me up, I know I can never fall!

From the kitchen...healthier eating.  Or at least I'm trying to.  I was doing so well, having lost more than 4 lbs since the beginning of September.  Only to creep back up after this birthday weekend of eating crap, I'm sure.  Ugh. 

I am wearing...a warm fuzzy sweater.  I do love sweater weather.  I just wish it wasn't so wet and chilly today...the cold factor is no fun.
I am remembering...to drag the kids to Target after work so I can pick up some diapers for Alex.  Just diapers.  That's all I need.  Not $60 of other stuff that isn't diapers.  I need only diapers.  Wish me luck.

I am going...to the Apple Fest later this week.  I love the Fall season and all the apple picking, pumpkin patching fun that comes with it!
 I am hoping...to win an auction on Ebay for an adorable spider costume for Alex. 

I am hearing...silence.  It's a very quiet day around here today...I will take advantage of it while I can.  Lord knows it's not quiet around my house!
Around the house...it's actually somewhat clean for the moment.  I have a bazillion more boxes to unload but that will create more chaos so I'll just enjoy the wide open, clean spaces for now!
On my mind...Fall plans, to-do lists, get rich quick schemes that will allow me to be the stay-at-home Mom I so wish I could be...so many things!
Noticing that...weight loss is very difficult when everything I plan and enjoy involves food.  I find a lot of relaxation and happiness in food.  It's a challenge when everything I love revolves around food that is generally bad for me.  I have to come up with some better tactics. 

One of my favorite things...hugs and kisses from my boys!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Photoshop class #3 with Heidi,  school photos for Nate, three grants due by Friday, my oldest stepson, Adam's 26th (!) birthday, Apple Fest with Tiff, whatever else the days bring!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...I'm amazed at how quickly my baby...

...became this handsome, busy, happy toddler!!

Happy birthday, Alex!

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