Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Remembering

Flipping through an Ltd. Commodities magazine the other day, I came across a "retro" Monchhichi doll that was a flash back to the golden age of my youth.  Ok, so I'm not that old, but, it took be back.  I'll be honest when I say that I haven't even THOUGHT about Monchhichis since probably the 2nd grade.  Believe it.

I posted a status update on Facebook asking if any of my friends also remembered them as I thought it was a bit of an obscure reference and I was bowled over by the mass quantities of people who not only remembered them, but could recite their slogan, sing their theme song, even knew the date of their arrival on US soil.  (Ok, so I may have exaggerated that last part, I think it was actually Wikipedia that told me that!).

Anyway, that conversation sparked a whole other reference from my dear friend, Tiffany, who introduced me to this. - only the best website, ever.  Seriously, I'm loving this thing!  All things retro from back when.  Stuff you don't see anymore.  Things that aren't even made anymore.  And if they are, they're just not the same.  Flipping through these photos has waves of memories, emotion, even people and places flooding back.  It's fantastic.  It's also giving me some credence to throw away some of my sentimental kids stuff from back in the 80s since I can just reminisce right here with less storage issues.  (But not before I take a photo of this stuff to share on the website and run a quick check on ebay to make sure these classics aren't worth a fortune!!!)  They even have a Facebook page

I'll make you go look if you want to relive your youth first hand, but here are a few of my personal favorites (taken from the website):

 Friendship bracelets.  Who doesn't love these?!?!  It makes me want to break out with my embroidery floss and whip one up right now!  Does anyone have a saftey pin so I can attach it to what's left of the knee of my
 acid washed jeans?
New York Seltzer - my BFF always had these at her house growing up.  In every flavor imagineable.  It was the coolest drink ever.  Even made me feel a little grown up to drink them! 

C'Mon!  Tell me you didn't LOVE the Crystal Pepsi!!

I'd be embarrased to admit I might still have one or two of these kicking around.  

I LOVED these!  I had this Glamour Gals case (with the revolving door in the center) and the one in the middle with the red stripes was one of my favorites.  I think her name was Lana or something.  They were fabulous!

I was never cool enough to OWN one of these, but they were so cool.  I'd touch people just to leave my handprint on their shirts!

These stickers ROCKED!

Something about these ribbon  barrettes just made me feel like more of a princess.  Perhaps the ribbon hanging down allowed me to pretend I had long glorious locks.

So, go visit the website and reminisce a little.  You'll be glad you did!  (And thanks, Tiffany, for the suggestion!)  I think I'm off to photograph my Major Morgan and Pogo Ball for inclusion on this webpage! 


Shana said...

Oh man. I felt like a kid again. I made so many of those friendship bracelets it was crazy. shhh, I still have one in a shoe box with a ton of other stuff like a t shirt clip. remember those where you threaded the tail of your tshirt through it. I had Monchichis too and loved them. The funny thing is that I was reminiscing today because I will be 33 on Thursday and I was planning on a retro post. Must be in the air. I will have to check out that site for sure.

Shana said...

See, I couldn't help myself! I love the 80's. I could totally be on that VH1 show lol. Thanks for checking out my retro post. I tried to do different stuff than you and it wasn't hard because there is so much to love.

Pam said...

oh my gosh!!! NY Seltzer!!!! Thanks for the remind, my love! I had completely forgotten that we ALWAYS had tons of these in the dad's effort to replace soda (is it really any better...hmm). My fave was cream soda flavor...I can still taste it!!!