Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's The Little Things...Brothers

Today's "little thing" for It's the Little Things Thursday comes from the bond I see forming between my two boys.  I spoke a little bit about it here, and as rare and fleeting as glimpses of this truth are, it still warms my heart.  I mean it when I say that a lot of time is spent fighting between these two.  They're loud, they bug each other, instigate arguments, fight over cars, chairs, or food.  They hit each other to acquire the other's sippy cup or scream at the top of their lungs when the a book, blanket, or toy is confiscated by the other.  It's chaotic and loud.  As with any other mother of more than one child, I often feel like a full-time referee.

What makes this all worth it at the end of the day is when one of my boys looks out for the other one almost instinctively.  For example, those mornings when Nate wakes up and wonders first and foremost where Alex is.  Or when Alex gets a snack from the snack cupboard and pulls out a second one for Nate, holds it up and asks,"Bot?" (brother).  I love that they care enough to have each other's back, to notice the absence of the other, and to worry about the other's well being.  I even adore that they love each other enough to drive each other nuts.

Please join me over at Starts at Eight to highlight the "little things" along your path that that make this journey of motherhood all worth it in the end! 

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