Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook...June 9, 2010

FOR TODAY...June 8 9, 2010

Outside my window...rain.  It's cold and miserable today.  Not your typical June day, but definitely a typical Rochester day.

I am thinking...about anything and everything, as I usually do.  My mind is constantly racing with things left undone, projects to start, questions to get answered, important matters to take care of, deadlines looming, etc.

I am thankful for...loving friends who remind me to keep my perspective positive and help me focus on all the blessings in my life even when the clouds take over!!  Thank you all!  I really am very lucky!

From the kitchen...cupcakes!  I promised Tiffany I would help out with her next volunteer date at the Ronald McDonald House and then I made dinner plans with Heidi and Joey and the kids.  So, in an effort to NOT drop the ball for a change, I told her I'd contribute to the meal.  So last night at 10 PM I was making cupcakes.  I still have to frost them but that's the easy part. 

I am wearing...the same boring stuff I always wear.  I so wish I could be cute and hip like my friend Leah, or look adorable like Becky Brown.  My sister got all the cute, fashionable genes I guess.  I'll have to learn to accept my frumpy tendencies.

I am pack my camera so I can participate in tomorrow's 10 on 10.  I'm doing it "It's the Little Things Thursday" style!  Should be interesting!

I am own rules.  I totally missed posting this on the normal day (Tuesday) so I am finishing it up today and posting it on my usual Wordless Wednesday just to mix things up a little!

I am see Mercedes tomorrow after many many months of just talking about it.  I do miss our therapy sessions!

I am reading...
mortgage contracts, insurance policies, pre-k registration applications.

I am get a closing date soon so I can secure plans for the next month or two.  I'm also hoping to find the time to figure out why my iPhoto library is "unreadable" and why the back up service I paid $$ for isn't backing up.  Yeah, wonderful.

I am hearing...Avery chewing on her rawhide.  It's a fabulous sound.  Dave is watching some reunion show about Caddyshack.  Which, for the record, I've never seen.

Pondering these words...When it rains it pours!  It is so true.  No matter what, it seems everything always comes at once.  You can sit idle for months at a time and then everything falls at the same time.

Around the house...chaos.  Boxes are everywhere - both packed and empty.  Piles - to give away, to throw away, to sell. 

On my mother-in-law.  She fell on Sunday and broker her femur where it connects to her hip.  She's having surgery today to repair it and there's only a 15% chance it will even help.  Dave has been up to see her at the hospital a couple times and she "looks horrible".  She's in a lot of pain and is looking at a few weeks in the hospital and 8 weeks of rehab after surgery.  At 80 that's a long road.  Dave isn't very good at expressing his feelings but I know it's bothering him because he's cranky and short tempered.  I wish he'd open up about it and realize it's ok to be worried or upset or whatever. 

Noticing that...this daybook has been pretty depressing overall :)  Can you feel the stress?!?

One of my favorite things...snuggling up in bed at the end of a long day.  I may have said this previously, but I really look forward to it.  There's nothing quite like hitting the hay, snuggled up against my warm husband, knowing a long, usually hectic day is over and I can finally rest and rejuvenate.  

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Mercedes is visiting tomorrow night, Melon Bean with Tiffany on Friday, packing and laundry over the weekend.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

This boy makes me happy.  His smile is infectious and his personality is engaging.

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Heidi said...

So glad for the 10 on 10 reminder! I really wanted to participate this month and had let it slip my mind..again! I am off to get my camera out and put up a couple of notes so I don't forget in the morning!

Pam said...

No "I am thankful for"??? Not one??? Check out the picture you chose for this week's entry...there's one!!

Stephani said...

I am so sorry about your mother-in-law. My mother is 80 and unsure on her feet. I can imagine how horrific this must be for everyone involved. I will be praying for her and your family. ~ Thanks for sharing about then 10 on 10. I think I'll have to try that on my photo blog. Enjoyed visiting today!