Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook...June 22, 2010

FOR TODAY...June 22, 1010

Outside my window...darkness.  It's been a long day but I have a lot to spew before I can go to sleep with a clear mind.

I am thinking...about going back to school for a degree in Photography.  I always wanted to get my Bachelors in Photojournalism but the expense of those classes was very prohibitive when I was younger so I went straight journalism instead.  I got a lot out of that education and while I realize it's not for me, it taught me a lot of skills I still use today.  However, I would like to round it out and focus on the photography aspect.  I love taking pictures and think I have an ounce of natural talent that could really go somewhere if I had formal training and a background in photography.  I took one class in high school but that doesn't count.  I lack so much of the technical background that I feel inept.  I'd like to gain some knowledge to put together with my skills and build my confidence.  My husband is adamantly against it but I don't really care.

I am thankful for...my husband.  Believe it or not.  He's a crotchety "old" fart sometimes but I realized on Father's Day while I was trying to be everything to everyone so he could enjoy the day off that there is a lot that I defer to him on a daily basis.  I'd be lost without him.  I hope he knows that putting up with him is the least I am willing to do to have him in our lives.

From the kitchen...dinner dishes are beckoning.  I started washing them while the boys finished up dinner but as soon as they hear water running they get all excited to join me and play in the water and I wasn't having it so I stopped what I was doing to get baths started and haven't made it back...

I am wearing...t-shirt, comfy pants, socks.  It's actually too hot and sticky for socks but I need to vacuum and the dog hair and crumbs sticking to my feet as I walk around is annoying me so until such time that I get a chance to vacuum, the socks are saving my sanity.

I am remembering...to go to the new office tomorrow.  Today was my first day there and I managed to unpack all my boxes and settle 95% of my things.  The office space isn't horrible.  It's loud and distracting but with my iPod it will be better and hopefully it will settle down some when people are done settling in their own offices.  We shall see...only time will tell!

I am creating...a wish list of things to buy when we get in the new house.  It's getting long.  And expensive.

I am going...to bed as soon as I'm done writing this.  I'm pooped.

I am hoping...to make it through this summer without losing my mind.  I know I will, but there are times when I'm not so certain.

I am hearing...a fan, the dog snoring, kids walking around outside.

Pondering these words..."The secret to happiness is not in doing what one likes to do, but in liking what one has to do" 
My friend, Heidi had this quote as her Facebook status update today and the truth rings very loudly to me today.  Each of us has to make our own happiness and so much of it is about perspective and CHOOSING to be happy doing what we're doing.  I love this!

Around the house...laundry is behind, packing needs to be done, cleaning should be caught up on.  I'm falling behind miserably!

On my mind...a friend of mine is opening a cafe/bakery and asked me to provide her with some photos to put up and sell in her restaurant.  She said she wants to showcase my talents.  How fantastic is that?  I can't even tell you how excited this has me.  If I think about it too much I start questioning myself and that's no good so I'm not sure yet what photos I'll give her but I have a few in mind.  I can't wait to sit down and pick some to print and have framed.  How fun!

Noticing that...the Photography Gods have all been working in my favor this week.  Between the request of my friend above, starting the process to go back to school for a Bachelor's in Photography and being the official Staff Photographer at the golf tournament for work yesterday, I am oozing positive energy. 

One of my favorite things...ice cream.  I sure wish I had some right now.  It's been that kind of  a day!

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Walk 'N Talk, a baby shower at work for Shelby, birthday party for Ava, a weekend together as a family for a change!!  

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
I took this photo at the Hillside Believe in Kids Golf tournament on June 21, 2010.  I was made "official Staff Photographer" which was so much fun!  I'm not a big golf fan but I still managed to get some good action shots and hopefully was able to capture the feeling of this beautiful day!

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