Sunday, June 27, 2010

Avery Update

I realized the other day that ever since bringing Avery into our family in February, I haven't mentioned much about her since.  How rude!

Avery has turned out to be a fabulous dog!  She's obviously grown quite a bit and she's beautiful.  Albeit a little needy, a bit skittish, and a lot puppy, but she is great!  She was super easy to housebreak and we haven't had more than a couple peeing incidents EVER...not to mention at all lately!  She is fantastic with the kids.  They love her to pieces (and maul her way too much sometimes - especially Alex!) but she takes it all and comes back for more.  She loves to play with her fellow "puppies".

When Avery wants to play she is incessant.  She'll become very persistent and bring you her toy to play tug or fetch.  She loves constant attention and wants to be with the family at all times!  When she really wants your attention, she'll jump around and get really hyper and even start barking to engage you.

She loves to chew.  On her toys.  On the boys' toys.  On kleenex.  Or garbage.  Or anything she can get her little teeth on!   She's been known to eat baby wipes whole which come out the same way they went in.  (gross, I know!)  Needless to say we've nipped that and no longer throw diapers or baby wipes in garbages she has any access to!

Avery is very smart!  She listens well, comes when she's called, sits and waits when she's told to.  I love that we can let her out with the garage door wide open and she'll run right past the open freedom to the backyard where she's supposed to go.  She's very well behaved.

Avery (before)
We love having Avery in our family!  She's been a wonderful addition!  I promise not to be so remiss in talking about the third "baby" of the family!!

Avery (now)....My how she's grown!


Sherry said...

Awwwwwwwwww, what a cute puppy!! Great pictures too! I love the bathtub kiss one!

Matt said...

Very cute dog-I am glad she is such a good fit for your family!