Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happiness is...

...a visit from the Scoops guy!

Oh how I love the ice cream truck that drives by in the summer.  The clang, clang, clang of his bell makes me giddy.  Unfortunately (?) I have Nate trained to run when he hears the ringing.

Ring, Ring, Ring

Nate gasps and looks at me with excitement in his eyes.

I yell, "Let's go!", as I scoop up Alex.

We grab and run - usually without shoes.

Although, today it was without shoes or PJs.  (Nate had only his boxers on and Alex was sporting nothing more than a diaper, but oh well.)

We can't afford to miss a summer evening out on the front step dripping in ice cream stickiness.  It's much too good.

And much too fun.

And sinful.

And delicious!  

And oh, what a mess....

What a glorious mess!

A mess that we will build memories in.

A mess that's 100% washable...

...and 110% unforgettable!

This is one mess and memory I will miss when we move away from a neighborhood that sports a Scoops ice cream truck.

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