Saturday, May 30, 2009

These are the moments!

Today was the kind of day I absolutely adore as a Mom.  

Last night was a late night getting the boys to bed so I was hoping that might afford me a rare moment to sleep in past 6 AM.  Ha!  I don't know what made me think THAT as I should have known better.  Alex is like a little alarm clock.  I could bake cookies on his predictability.  You can tell when it's been three hours since he ate, you are unable to forget if it's nap time, and when 6 AM rolls around, it doesn't matter if he went to sleep at 5:00, he'll be up and hungry at 6 o'clock sharp.  Nathaniel on the other hand, will sleep until he's gotten his 10 or so hours of sleep.  Again, predictable, but in a different way.  

So today Alex woke up ready to eat promptly at 6:00.  The perk today, though, was that it was just the two of us for almost 3 hours before he went down for his nap and his brother got up.  We got to play peek-a-boo, crawl around on the floor, sing songs, dance to CMT (country music videos), and snuggle with no interruptions or shared attentions.  With two kids in the house, that's a rare treat.  It's special for me, and necessary, I think, for them.

Since Alex had gotten up so early after going to bed so late, he was ready for his nap a little earlier than usual and so he was down for the count before Nathaniel got up at 9 AM.  Another rare opportunity to give Nate my full attention.  We ate breakfast at his little table together, each with our cereal and "coffee" (mine is actual coffee, of course, but Nate's special blend "coffee" consists of milk in a coffee mug).  We set up a highway to drive his cars on, shared a riveting story of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, chased ghosts, and ran from monsters.  And we snuggled while Nate played his new favorite game of "baby".  Which, if you know Bug well, you know snuggle time is a special treat in and of itself!  We even got to do our own little dance to CMT and when I tried to sing to my favorite CMT videos, Nate sweetly told me "No, you can't sing songs!  That's enough!".  It was pure bliss.  Really!  

It's days like these that feed my soul.  A sprinkle of little moments like these betwixt the chaos, the routine, and the everyday rigamaroar.  It's just enough to breathe wind into my sails and keep me going when the going gets tough. 

Now both my boys are up and rip roaring ready to go so I must go back to the balancing, splitting my time, and sharing my attentions in this tug of war to love my boys equally! 

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