Monday, May 18, 2009

Thinkbox Thursdays

My fabulous, creative, artistic, and thoughtful sister, Sarah, brought me a gift the other day. It's not my birthday, it wasn't a house warming gift and she wasn't apologizing for anything (that I know of - ha!).  It was just a sweet gesture and a fantastic idea! 

Here it is:
My sister MADE it. Isn't it cute?

You might be asking yourself, "So, what is it?"

It's a little something I've dubbed my "think box".

A clever idea, really.  Inside there are hundreds (!) of slips of paper with inspirational ideas and thought-provoking questions on them.  You reach in...pull one out...and VOILA! - a cure for writer's block.  Some of the questions are deep, others are more superficial, but all are interesting to say the least!

So I am going to start what I call Thinkbox Thursdays.  I suppose I don't need to specify a special day of the week but I am a procrastinator by nature so this will keep me on task and give me a schedule (a.k.a. deadline) to make me somewhat accountable. I like to challenge myself and these should get me thinking. So I promise to be honest and answer one question each Thursday (and no picking 20 questions until I find one I like)!  Hopefully you won't be bored senseless - who knows, you just may learn something new!  So stay tuned - Thursday is just around the corner!!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

It was meant for Mother's Day but I too am a procrastinator. I found the idea on the internet and thought of you. I hope it helps when needed.
I am so proud of you!