Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I remember not long ago when it became obvious that every commercial on TV, every ad in a magazine, and every flyer in the mail had a "www." website. It was new and different and everyone was doing it. It seemed to sweep the nation. First it was pharmaceutical companies providing a website where you could go to get more information, then it was coffee commercials inviting you to download a coupon, or restaurants asking you to join a club that would send you special offers. Now it's common place and second nature. It's actually more shocking to stumble on that rare occasion when there ISN'T a website to go to for a free sample or to register for an informational packet.

Nowadays the new wave is in blogs. Everywhere you go people are blogging. My friends blog, my co-workers blog, even my radio DJs blog. And if that's not enough, I got an email today that the CEO of a non-profit I frequent to get fundraising information is now blogging. Apparently it's the latest arena to "keep in touch" and reach out to the masses. Just as some people have finally joined the bandwagon of reaching out via email, this new generation is taking off running. And yet somehow, I still feel behind.

Some people blog to vent frustrations, share interesting points of view or opinions. Others use the world wide web as a platform to make a difference. They write their thoughts down on the internet to to get their "story" out there. Stories of tragic circumstances, incredible odds and miracles of faith. Their stories have reached tons of people, joined hundreds of thousands in prayer and purpose. It's amazing. It's touching. And it's overwhelming.

It makes me think, how does someone get there? Get hundreds of followers hanging on their every word. Obviously, I don't have a tragic story to tell. I don't even have any particularly riveting thoughts to share. But I want to make a difference. I want to make my mark on the world. And the people whose blogs have spanned the world and really made an impact are extremely impressive to me.

Maybe someday I'll get there - have someone (that I don't personally know) take notice. Maybe even make a name for myself in the blogging world. It could be a way into a world where I could find my place, my "calling", my passion. Who knows.

For now, all I can ask is that SOMEONE read my thoughts, hope that through my ramblings SOMEONE understands me even a little better and continue to work on making an impact SOMEHOW.


Matt said...

Remain enthusiastic about what you write about and people will take note. I also know of some blog aggregator sites that might get you more hits/interest; among the better ones is blogcritics.org .

Pam said...

PS...sometimes I think the best way is to stop trying so hard...not just in blogging, but in channeling allt he things you want. Meditate on it, pray about it, and I have confidence the answer will come...whether it's visiting Matt's site(s) ideas or just coming up with the "it" thing that grabs people. Regardless...you're doing something that impassions you and that's the biggest step in making a difference! Oh...and you rock, so it's not the # of followers you have...it's that you're amamzing!