Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I have a mother's day post that I've been working on for a couple days only to find out that it's a lot harder to put these thoughts into writing than I guessed it would be. My brain is overloaded with so much stuff that I'm finding it hard to make sense of it. I figure if it's not flowing easily for me, than it would be torture for you guys to try and read, I'm sure. It was intended to share with you today but it will have to wait until I find the inspiration to put thoughts into comprehensible words, sentences and paragraphs.

However, today is Mother's Day so for all you who are mothers, aspire to be mothers, mother someone in your life, or at the very least HAVE mothers, read on.

Mother's Day has a deep and varied history. According to GoodSearch, the history of mother's day has roots in Greek and Roman mythology through ancient practices of honoring various Goddesses and the British celebration of "Mothering Day" that was brought over by the pilgrims. Its intentions haven't always been to honor actual mothers and rarely brought any material adoration with it until more recently. People celebrate Mother's Day around the world in various forms and on differing days. Even in America we tend to have our own individual traditions and expectations associated with the celebration of Mother's Day. Some people want to be pampered and lavished with presents and attention. Others want to be free to relax and be lazy for one day a year. Some mothers request for their children to flock around them and others prefer to be "off" for the day. It's a preference as different as we are mothers.

I took today to do what I always do, which is to be a mother, of course, and spend precious time with my boys. But today I was able to do so with fresh eyes and a deeper appreciation than the everyday allows me. I had some fantastic moments with my children today where it felt less like work and more like the true blessing that it is to be these boys' mother.

For starters, my husband let me sleep in today (which is a huge treat)! At 8:30 my oldest quietly crept into the bedroom, crawled up into bed with me and gently brushed my arm. When I didn't open my eyes, he simply pulled the covers up over his shoulders and laid down next to me. I pulled him close and took a deep breath. What a great way to wake up! After a delicious breakfast (made by Nathaniel and my husband), I got to play an impromptu (and NEW!) game of "coffee shop". Nathaniel came up to my table and ordered a cup of coffee, "with sugar". He then fished "money" out of his pocket to pay for his coffee, laid the "money" on the table and took his cup of "coffee" (milk in a plastic coffee cup) with a polite "thanks". When he had taken a sip and "finished" his drink, he came back and ordered a new cup saying, "more coffee, please?". I would "ring up" his order, say "45 cents, please", take his "money", give him his "change" and thank him. At one point he even told me it was hot and blew on the cup before he took a drink. What a fantastic game! Not only because it was completely made up in his little mind, but because with the exception of the table and his coffee mug, we needed no props. It was all in his imagination. From the money he paid with to the sipping and seemingly enjoying the freshly brewed joe I had just sold him. It's fantastic to see life through the eyes of my children. Later in the day Nathaniel disappeared in his bedroom and came out buck naked. When asked what he was doing and where his clothes were, he simply replied "I swimmin' in the ocean!"...then he proceeded to do the breaststroke across the living room floor. When we were done chuckling, we marveled in his creativity. He then lounged in all his naked glory on the couch with his hands behind his head, sighed, and said "I on the beach, in the sun!". I wish it were that easy now to transform our realities.

Alexander is suffering (and I do mean SUFFERING, poor thing) from a double whammy of Roseola and the vicious, evil that comes with TEETHING. He was inconsolable today unless he was eating, sleeping (for short bits at a time), or being held (but only if I was standing!). It was motherhood in the purest sense today as I struggled to find comfort for my poor Digger Fuzz Bucket. As much as I wish I could have waved my magic Mommy wand and made him feel better, it was nice to be needed and I rather enjoyed dancing with him to CMT and taking him with me everywhere I went. At least there was reassurance knowing he was comfortable in my arms even if I couldn't fix him.

So, as I end this Mother's Day, I hope you each had a fantastic day. I especially hope you felt special, loved, and truly appreciated for all that you do as Moms or made sure that your own mothers got this message from you.

Now it's late. I am going to go kiss my children, tuck them in a little tighter, and crash for the night.

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Pam said...

Oh, poor Alex! Shawn had roseola at about the same age (remember Super Bowl 2008?). It's miserable for them and so frustrating not to be able to fix it. But I'm so happy that you did find the joy hidden in those moments that can be so tough...the joy of knowing that you ARE his comfort...and will be for a very long time! That's a seriously major part of being Mommy. And a seriously major message to feel on Mother's Day. I hope you had a second to reflect on the fact that your very appreciation of all these things you wrote about are exactly what make you such an amazing GREAT mom!! You deserved to sleep in and deserve to have it more often! But, above all, you deserve those moments to remember how awesome you are! Happy Mother's Day!!!!