Friday, March 2, 2012

Or Maybe Van Gogh?


I guess I should have known here, nearly two full years ago, that Alex would someday be "my artist".  This kid loves to "do a craft".  This, of course, entails lots of paper, a moderate amount of glue (elmer's or stick), and scissors, markers, glitter, crayons, you name it.

He'll make snowflakes.

Or "maps".
He's made me a three dimensional hippopotamus and a monkey (with ears and a tail).

I have an entire wall of projects he's made for me "to take to work" -  everyday I add a new one or rotate out some older ones.  It's great!

His "process" is fascinating to watch, actually.  He'll take a piece of paper, purposefully draw an elaborate (yet plan-fully executed) series of squiggles, dots, lines, letters, and shapes.  Then he'll flip it over and do the same on the back...repeat, repeat, repeat.  This kid can go through a ream of paper in no time!  It's amazing!

We have gone through more paper, paint, markers, and glue than I can believe with Alex!

He also loves scissors.  He has been cutting up coloring books, papers, and anything else we'd give him since he could hold scissors.  His teacher marveled at how skilled he was at cutting in school...well, that's because he's had a LOT of practice!  I've swept/picked/vacuumed up more shards of paper from the carpet, floor, and table than you can imagine.  For a while I was calling him "confetti boy".  I thought for sure he'd find a hobby in Scherenschnitte!  He's a paper cutting fool!

His other love, of course, is glue.  It doesn't matter what he's glueing, as long as it's something.  All those scraps of paper I mentioned above?  Yep, they became layer upon layer upon layer of glued 3-D fabulousness!  Usually all monotone, but stacked one piece of paper on the other.  It's beautiful.  (Ok, so it's only stuff a Mother could love...but I'm impressed with his handiwork!).  I love how he takes his paper, slobbers glue on it, takes the scrap he's going to glue down, holds it there and dramatically counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!  Somehow magically at "5" it sticks...everytime!

If it's not art materials he's crafting with, it's play-doh, or moon dough.  He'll squish, cut, roll, and mangle that medium for hours at a time!

He's even taken to painting himself on ocassion.

He even draws on my phone when we're out and about using one of the fabulous free drawing apps I downloaded. 
I have to admit, after Nate (who rarely sat still doing any one thing for more than a MINUTE at a time!)...I'm loving this.  I get to color, draw, make play-doh food, or simply get the dishes done while Alex is occupied!


Heidi said...

We are currently studying Van Gogh. If Alex's paintings show movement, and have really thick, textured paint, then he could definitely follow in Van Gogh's footsteps! ;)

Sherry said...

Seriously, he is an awesome artist!!! I wished my kids had an 1/8th of his patience and willingness to sit still and be "crafty". And is that an ALX I see on the phone app??

Heidi said...

AW! so cute! :) Tell Alex that his artwork is GORGEOUS!

This is Chloe!