Friday, March 16, 2012

Party Prep

So, my Bug turns 6 (!) in 4-5 days.

I say 4-5 because depending on who you ask, how you count, and how long you want to argue about it, it's either 4 OR 5 days from today.  (But just for the record, I was there...I remember the day well...and I say...5 days, not counting today!) :)

Either way, party preparations are underway.

Nate decided weeks ago that he wanted a "Star Wars The Clone Wars Lego Party".  So, that is what he will have.  Or at least, what I will attempt to provide him.  I'm always up for a challenge.  (And, honestly, it's turning out to be little more than a barely recognizable conglomerate of various themes that somewhat resembles that suggested above but let me remind you, a party planner I am NOT!)

So, with the help of Pinterest, Google, various blogs such as this, and some fabulous friends and crafty relatives (whom are also FRIENDS!)...we currently have:

light sabers (which will be used in a game to test skill and teamwork, not just to beat each other with!)

and Jedi Knight robes for our little guests

We have Lego Man decorations

and Star Wars Lego Cupcake toppers (for cupcakes I have yet to make, of course!)

This weekend (again, thanks to the help of my person!) we'll be tackling some adorable Lego Cookies, some pretzel rod light sabers for favors and...(who am I kidding?  That's plenty for one weekend!) 

My very talented sister is attempting to draw a poster board Yoda to play "Pin the light saber on Yoda" at the party.

We'll celebrate his actual birthday in a low-key birthday-candle-in-a-cookie-while-out-to-eat sort of way. And then come next Saturday, it's PAR-TAY time!  In the words of my beloved (soon-to-be) 6-year-old,   I just hope not to "totally FREAK OUT!"  :)


SHANA said...

How cool! I bet it is going to be awesome. Blaze's birthday just about always has to include water play because it is at the beginning of August in GA. Hard to have a ton of people in our little home or pay for a place to do it. SO we use our huge yard and lots of water like pools, slip and slides, water balloons and squirt guns.

Sherry said...

Oh MAN, wished we were closer to come to this amazing party you're throwing!!! What FUN! Happy Early Birthday to the little man!