Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Bug.

As you approach your 6th birthday (tomorrow!), I am realizing how quickly you have grown up into such a wonderful "little man".  I knew time would go quickly, but I guess I never realized how very soon your sense of self-sufficiency and independence would kick into gear. 

Nate - May 2007 (14 months old)
Suddenly you are such a big boy.  With your own ideas, opinions, plans, and desires.  It won't be easy for me to let you go explore these dreams as the years go by.  But I promise to try.

I'm learning so much lately.  It's becoming obvious that you need your space.  You like your privacy.  You sometimes WANT to be alone and lost in your own thoughts.  And that's ok.  As long as you know that I am ALWAYS here if you need me or if you do decide you do want to chat, sing, dance, or just tell me a story about your GI Joe's latest adventures.    

As you head out to conquer this, your 6th year of world exploration, I hope you remember that I love you.  I absolutely adore you, unconditionally.  And I am SO proud of you and the person you're becoming with every passing year.  Go get 'em Bug.

(Oh, and I guess I should re-evaluate my calling you Bug, too often, huh?)

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Heidi said...

Unfortunately for them, to us, they will ALWAYS be our babies!