Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Very Merry Half-birthday

I wanted to post this a few weeks ago on Alex's actual "half-birthday" but was on a train with no internet access at the time.  Since then it's just been crazy and hectic so I haven't followed through until now.  Regardless of its late posting, it's still uber important to capture these fleeting and totally lovable traits about my Digger Fuzz Bucket right now.  This picture in time of my precious (conniving, troublesome, adorable, precious, lovable) 2 1/2 year old is brought to you by, well, ME!

Alex - 2 years, 6 months
(barely) weighs 25 lbs.

Alex (loosely) wears size 18M clothes, size 7 shoes, and may never get out of size 3 diapers.
He's familiar with the concept of potty training but inconsistent with its delivery.

Alex talks up a storm and can say anything he wants in long, complex sentences rivaling those of a literary writer, but he still has some cute versions of certain words like:
"reego"  (yogurt)
"oh-pahs" (apples)
"boff" (garbage)
likes to "pay fains" (play trains)
will ask "is dis/dat?"
"watch dis"
is every bit as animated and creative as his brother
says "far F*ck" for firetruck
"uh, SIR!" (sure!)
"no way!"
he says chicken "POOP" instead of "coup"
Loves berries of all kinds and pretty much calls them all "Boo-bees" - he's starting to make a distinction though with "Back-bees" and "Stah-bees" :)

Alex is addicted (beyond hope!) to his "fway" (pacifier) and must have "ket" (blanket) when he's bored, needing comfort, tired, sleeping, or otherwise just plain sitting still.  He has two that are (more or less) the same and when he demands both he'll ask "where nah won (another one) ket go?" He has the most adorable habit of meticulously folding his blanket up along the edge and then picking at it with his free hand.  LOVE IT!

I love how he simultaneously smells of dirt, baby powder, and syrup...almost always.

He loves to paint and color, mostly himself, but sometimes on paper.  He could spend hours eating playing with play-doh.  And loves stickers.

Every night before bedtime he brushes his teeth and then says "pick one?" which means he wants to pick a band aid from the arsenal of character band aids I've collected over the years.  It usually winds up on the floor or on his bedroom wall to be removed later, but at first it starts out on the "boo boo" of the day...sometimes real, sometimes fictional but always healed miraculously by his bedtime band aid.

He's become "Velcro Boy" lately and needs to be physically attached to me at all times.  Especially come bedtime.  I love the snuggle time but hate feeling manipulated at times.  I keep reminding myself that this, too, is fleeting, and someday (soon!) he'll be pushing me away and telling me to Go! like his brother used to.  I will enjoy every hug, kiss, carry, and snuggle he requests until that time!

Alex loves to dance and will do so whenever the mood strikes.  Whether it be a commercial on TV, a song on the radio in the grocery store, or entertaining friends with a song and dance over dinner.  His favorite line to catch a laugh is "Should be dancin', yeah!" and he'll sing it and wave his arms up and down just to get his beloved Brie to giggle.  It works like magic.  Every time.

Besides dancing, eating, painting/coloring, making a mess, splashing in water, playing in mud, and snuggling with Mommy, I'd say Alex's #1 passion is torturing his big brother.  Oh how he torment poor Nate so.  He'll jump on him, climb on him, sit on him, stand between him and whatever he's doing, knock over a creation, destroy a fire scene, or just haul off and smack him for no good reason at any given time.  He's a little instigator and one heck of a trouble maker!

I could go on and on but I'll leave something for his official 3 year post in September!!  All I know is this boy enriches my life in more ways than you can imagine.  He's my baby, my shadow, my buddy, and my SUNSHINE!

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Sherry said...

You have such handsome boys! These are very special pictures you posted today, they all are great memory-makers. Happy 1/2 birthday to Alex (I always type "Alec" instead of Alex, then have to hit the delete button!). He is a precious little boy who has a contagious smile!!! :)