Saturday, April 9, 2011

Portland is...

Portland is...



(and environmentally GREEN)!!

Intellectually Stimulating



Cultured and Artsy

 Fun and Funky

I want to go back and spend another week just perusing books at Powell's or checking out local hot spots like Voodoo Doughnut!  What a fabulous place!  Everything was within walking distance or trolley!  Everyone was friendly, helpful, polite, patient, and kind.  

There seemed to be a lot of homeless vagabond types roaming about but even they seemed happy and content with their lot.  Unlike the homeless here who I believe are generally down trodden, out of work, disabled, and/or mentally ill...the homeless people we saw (everywhere!) generally seemed to be young, nomadic hippie types who relished this lifestyle.  I could, of course, be wrong...but even their homeless population seemed to fit right in and be accepted by the culture there.  Very bizarre.  

Portland is a very healthy and green place.  People ride bikes in such great quantity that they have bike lanes on every road, bike racks outside building (even a kid-sized one outside the Montessori School) and at one red light we sat at there were as many bicyclists waiting for the light as there were cars in our lane.  It was amazing to me.  I can't wait to go back to explore some more!

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