Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Day of Firsts...

Today has been a day of firsts...

It was the first day I had to figure out how to disinfect my hairbrush after a certain one-year-old thought it would be funny to dip said hairbrush in the toilet.

It was the first day I had to google "how to get crayon off a couch" to find a way to remove the crayon a certain one-year-old thought looked good drawn on my couch.

It was also the first day a certain three-year-old threw a book at me, scratching my arm and after serving his 3-minute time out, he then insisted on bandaging me up with a fitting Godzilla band-aid to say he was sorry.

And then a certain one-year-old decided he needed the Godzilla band-aid more than Mommy and ripped it off my arm in one swift pull.  Ouch.

Believe it or not, it wasn't all bad though.

Today was Alex's first bubble bath.

Alex's first lollypop.

And the first time I've ever witnessed, first hand, a mutual aid response to a dump truck vs. helicopter accident in my very own living room.  I'm serious when I say it's not for the weak at heart.  There was a fire in the dump truck and injuries from what I understand.  Five fire trucks, several police cars, and at least two ambulances of varying sizes responded (lights and sirens!).  It was a sight to behold.

And as if that's not enough firsts for one day...Today was the first time I've ever seen my boys sitting nicely together on their couch and (get this!) playing footsie.  It was adorable!!  And a refreshing change from the fighting and head bashing they usually do together!


Shana said...

That is so precious. I bet the scene of the accident was a sight to behold!

Heidi said...

My first thought when reading this post was...."he took a bath before having his first sucker?". We all know I have a thing for my boy Alex!