Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10 on 10 : June 2009

I realize this negates today being a WORDLESS Wednesday, but at least that POST was wordless, right?!?  Today marks my inaugural 10 on 10 post! Aren't you all excited?!? The task for the day was to take a picture an hour for 10 hours and share them all here. I tried to make today's photos a "picture" of my day. I'm not sure if this is "against the rules" but I will explain each picture to take you on a tour of a day in the life of ME. Or at least on a tour of TODAY, as parts of today were generally atypical from an average day in the life of me.

Anyway, buckle your seat belts and keep your hands in the ride at all times!  Here we go!

I awoke late (for me, anyway!) at 6:30 AM wondering why Alex wasn't up requesting his "breakfast" and found this:

I parked my (now damaged) new car at the back of the parking lot and walked into work. Here is my daily trip up 3 flights of stairs:

Here is my desk and the chaos that abounds throughout my day:

Shelby and I snuck out to pick up our *free* VIP tickets to see NKOTB on Sunday! (Can I get a HELL YEAH?!?):

My delicious mid-afternoon treat:

My pile of stuff waiting patiently for me to take them home:

The dashboard of my new car (don't worry, I was sitting at a red light when I took this!):

The scene that greeted me when I got home:

Halfway through (yes, HALFWAY THROUGH, believe it or not!) cleaning Nate's disastrous room (Notice Alex is "helping", yet Nate is mysteriously MIA):

A snippet of our afternoon outdoor fun:

Let me know what you guys think of this feature!  I had fun doing it and thinking outside the box.  The originator of this 10 on 10 idea had a post up yesterday saying she would be doing a color theme (pick a color and find items of that color all day) - I like the idea of doing a theme like that (flowers, signs, things that start with an "s"...who knows - any/all suggestions are appreciated!!).   So stay tuned to see what I do on the 10th of next month!!


Tifkota said...

LOVE it! Kind of feels like I spent the day with you, seriously. Nice pictures and a good glimpse of your life through your eyes. I might have to give it a shot. Love you!!!

JodiJeanne said...

love your ten on ten :)

Kirk + Katrina said...

Great 10 on 10! I came across yours from the 10/10 site. What a gorgeous family you have :)