Friday, November 9, 2012


Thanks to wonderful friends of mine (Thanks, Joey and Heidi, of course, for lending his time to me!), I think I am on my way (one step closer anyway) to having access to my PHOTOS again!  

A month or so ago, my external hard drive crapped out on me, taking my photo access with it.  But thanks to the genius of my friend, Joey, who worked so diligently a year or two (?) ago to make sure my photo back up system was rock solid, I didn't LOSE anything.  I just went a few weeks without access.  Which is definitely a better alternative!  Let me tell you, the peace and comfort of knowing they were safe was such a relief!

Anyway, I spoke with him tonight and he walked me through the process of getting my computer to recognize the new hard drive I bought and he reloaded the back up on for me.  So by this time tomorrow I should be in business.  By that, I mean I'll have dumped the last month+ of photos that are sitting on my camera disks and will have LOTS of stories to share to go along with them!

So, prepare for an influx of photos (both recent and a little ocurred to me a couple days ago that I haven't even LOOKED at the photos I took in the 1000 Islands on vacation this year.  I took them off my camera and never even flipped through them to delete bad ones!)  

I'll be back with some PHOTOS soon!  Stay tuned!

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