Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another First...Cub Scouts!

The big milestone when Nate turned 6 was that he could finally join Cub Scouts.

He had been asking to join since he was in Pre-k (4 years-old), but was told he'd have to wait until 1st grade.

So first chance we could (first week of school in his 1st Grade year), we attended a recruitment meeting and got him signed up.  Within a week he was at his first meeting.  Within two weeks he had his handbook, his official uniform, and was learning the boy scout handshake and code.

Now we are in full force with meetings and events and outings -  Pack meetings, Den meetings (I still am not entirely sure which is which), community service projects, badge merits.  It's crazy.  I'm learning a LOT.

Boy Scout trip to Albion PD for a tour...
Here the Sgt. is teaching the boys how they get fingerprints from crime scenes.
At this age (Tiger Cub), the family is very much involved.  Most things we do have a strong focus on parents and siblings participating, too.  Which is good, honestly.  If not for that, Nate would be out of luck because I am usually the one taking him to these things and I always have Alex with me so we all get to benefit.

Making friends
As he gets older and boy scouts becomes more independent, I will worry.  But in the meantime we are meeting some great people, seeing and doing some fun things, and hopefully Nate will learn some incredibly important life lessons.

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Sherry said...

It sounds like FUN! I hope you keep us updated on this, as Ethan is excited to join in a couple years as well and I'm not sure what to expect.