Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm at it again...

Driving home from work the other night I spotted this on the side of the road.  Someone had dug it out from an old barn, shed, or somewhere similar and tossed it in the garbage pick up pile.

I know, I know.  You're thinking "what would she want with that ratty old chair with no chair cushion"?

Um, THIS is what I had in mind, of course.

Which, invariably (for me), leads to THIS.

And more of this.  And, well, you get the point....

I plopped that beautiful, worn, well loved fantastically orange historical treasure down in the middle of my (neighbor's) field of bright yellow buttercups and bribed my children to cooperate for 2.5 minutes so I could get my point across.   

My husband, of course, thinks I'm insane.  I believe he said something about bed bugs or crotch crickets or something...but whatever.

I think it's fabulous.
And at least THIS chair has an actual seat, unlike this one.

 C'mon, isn't this totally worth it?

So, for now, my glorious orange chair is sitting in my backyard hoping to avoid garbage day until such time as my nieces, my friends, or anyone else (hint, hint), wants to come over for some photos?  


SHANA said...

Crotch crickets?!?! Oh my gosh I am dying here. Hilarious. I love that chair and could totally use it lol.

Sherry said...

I think the chair is a treasure! If I were handy, I'd fix it up afterwards (you know, reupholstered and all), great pictures! The boys are growing like weeds, put a lid on them. :) Btw, that bat mobile website is Or tours with an s, can't quite remember now. Happy summer friend!