Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fabulous Chair

Did you figure out my ridiculously easy quiz from earlier today?  

Of course it's a chair.  
I didn't expect it was a hard question.

It's a seat-less, dilapidated, lead-paint peeling, eye-sore of a chair.  

Isn't it FABULOUS?!?! 

I've driven by this chair at a local barn sale for brain has been a buzz with excitement for this silly chair, but alas, the barn sale is never open when I drive past so I stare, and drool, and dream.  

Yesterday my husband mentioned his plan to hit this very barn sale so I screamed out my desire to have this chair!

I soon got a text message from him - a photo of my chair with the word "Really?".

Um, yes really.  Why would I NOT want this fabulous chair?  And for only $2?!?!  Absolutely!  

He obviously didn't share my vision.  He couldn't possible know what it was I saw when I looked at this chair.  The intricate design, the bright, weathered color...the love it had endured.

I saw beyond it's desperate need of a paint job, its missing seat, and worn exterior.  I saw a fabulous photo prop.  This is my first photo prop and I can't tell you how excited I am to covet this chair.   

So, I immediately dragged Nate out across our squishy yard to the overgrown field in back and plopped him amongst the weeds by my new treasure.  


I give you Fabulous Chair + Handsome (fake smile) Boy.  

I once resisted the urge to buy a beautiful antique typewriter simply because I envisioned taking gorgeous photographs of pudgy babies tapping its keys.  I wanted to capture all its gorgeous intricate details.  I should have just bought it.


Oh well...I sure can't wait to use this chair more.  

Unfortunately, however, I fear my addiction to "photo props" has officially begun.    


Sherry said...

LOVE the chair!!!! It certainly makes for a perfect prop!

Heidi said...

I don't know how you cannot love this chair! An all too perfect photo prop!