Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another First...Judo!


For Nathaniel's 6th birthday (yes, I realize that was in March...I'm catching up a little...), his big brother, Adam, offered to have him try out a Judo class at the gym where he (Adam) spends a lot of his time.  We went a few months ago for a "trial" class and he loved it!  It took a few more weeks to get him officially registered, but now (thanks to some extreme generosity from his big brother) Nate is all set up (complete with a gi) and loving it!

He's learning take downs, how to fall (safely), flips, LOTS of fantastic commands (Hajime! and Matte!) and (my personal favorite!) he gets to practice SELF CONTROL!

 The bonus is that Alex gets to "participate", too.  And he's a real natural!!  He's taken to it fantastically!

They burn some energy, have made some new friends, and are learning great lessons in the meantime!

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Sherry said...

Now THAT looks like a great way to burn off some steam!!