Thursday, December 29, 2011

Giant Baby Steps

A couple months ago, I bit the bullet and decided to take some ACTION in achieving my dreams.  Sitting back on my laurels and hoping for something to happen wasn't getting me anywhere.  So, I established Dream Big Day (Monday) to give me some concrete time set aside specifically to chisel away at my to do list.  That very first DMD back in August, I decided to start small and upload a photo I had recieved much positive Facebook feedback on to Kodak's Picture of the Day website.

Well it paid off!!  On October 14th, Kodak picked MY picture for their POTD!  I stumbled upon it a couple weeks later and was SO excited to see MY picture staring back at me from their website!

As silly as it sounds, I felt RECOGNIZED for my photography!  It was one of those things on my "bucket list" that I could officially check off.  One (giant!) baby step I can move on to my next "big" thing.  (Whatever that is!)

Since then I've received requests to purchase copies of the print and it spurred enough confidence for me to set up my first THREE photo shoots for families other than MINE!  It's definitely a start!  I have so much to learn, but I have the best support system in the universe so hopefully 2012 will be a BIG year for me and for Queen Among Kings Photography!

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