Friday, August 19, 2011

Dream Big Day

OK, so I've decided, through much banter, conversation and dialogue with friends and family that if I am ever going to make my dreams come true, I need to take some serious ACTION.

I know, sheer brilliance, right?

However, knowing my penchant for procrastination, my remarkable ability for over-scheduling myself, and my less than stellar self motivation skills, it has become painfully obvious that if I want to find the time to make this happen, I need to MAKE TIME.  I actually have to carve out a piece of my week (every week!) to focus purely on taking baby steps to get my goals off the ground.  Granted I have many goals (freelance writing, photography, Etsy) but I have to start somewhere!  So, I am marking off Mondays in my calender to avoid overbooking (which I'm notorious for) and will use this time, or Dream Big Day (DBD) as I shall call it, to actually focus (after work, of course and depending on what the boys' cooperation will allow, that is) on getting my photos published, my writing noticed, my Etsy store stocked, etc.  I have a general plan for steps I want to take, but some research will be required.  I will now have DBD set aside to accomplish that, too :)

Wish me luck!  Maybe you'll see my name in print or a photo I took hanging on your wall someday!! 

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